Saturday, January 3, 2015

Categories again

Blogs are a good examples of how we use logic and categories.  Some blogging platforms have "Categories" and "Tags."  Others, like Blogger, have "Labels."  Bloggers who have the two use "Categories" to represent something broad like "fallacies," and "tags" to represent specifics such as "ad hominem" and "denying the antecedent."  Tags can be used any time a specific fallacy is mentioned, but categories keeps it general enough to avoid microprecision and clutter.

I use "Labels" like "Categories." I don't want to mention every fallacy every time, because there may be some I mention only once, and others I mention multiple times.  It's easier to stay broad and add more labels if I need to.

The point of this is that Blogging is a good example of the value of logic.

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