Thursday, June 25, 2015

An ineffective solution

Fr. Longenecker has proposed a
solution to gay marriage that I proposed a decade ago, but then peoplestill felt that gay marriage would never be accepted and wouldn't be the law of the land (can you imagine what a man waking up from a ten or twenty year comma must think?)

In short: get the Church out of the civil wedding business. Make the religious and civil process separate, as it is in countries like Russia, that way priests aren't "ministers of the state" subject to state laws and won't be forced to do gay weddings. However, I don't feel gay activists will be content at stopping here. They will sue for the state to intervene in private religious affairs, and, judging by how things are going, they will likely win (pray the Rosary daily, by the way!)

This will be unprecedented, as far as I know. Would a neo-druid and an atheist who wanted to get married in a Catholic church for aesthetic reasons seek to force the Church? Probably not. Would they win? Probably not. It's the same principle, but homosexuals are the favored victim class today. I could see them winning, indeed.

Go to confession and pray the Rosary!

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