Monday, June 29, 2015


Today I decided to go to daily Mass downtown at noon. So I packed up my one year old and drove 30 minutes, paid for parking, and walked to the church. When I got in, I noticed a dress code posting. That was not new to me. And I believe in dress codes for churches. However, as I was wearing shorts, I did not meet the dress code.

At this point, I could have ignored the sign and rationalized my disobedience. Who are they to say what I can wear? (My spiritual leaders). What if I was poor and had no other clothes? (I'm not, and the rule wouldn't apply, since I would be dressed in my very best). My choice was to obey or disobey. I chose to obey and respect the rules, which I support, even though it was inconvenient for me.

Obedience is a forgotten virtue. It merits us many graces. Legitimate superiors demand obedience and we must give it, provided we are not commanded to do something contrary to God's law (such as wed two men or two women).

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